Mishka’s Moneysavers – Part 1

by Frugal Finder

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Mishka’s Moneysavers – Part 1

A clean and efficient environment is a healthy and happy environment. Your home environment should be your sanctuary and your happiness. But it’s amazing how quickly clutter and dust can accumulate in a busy household. A cluttered home collects and stores dust, lint, stress and discomfort, creating or adding to respiratory problems and medical bills for people and pets- not to mention attracting unwelcome pests. Clutter and dust can block register vents, creating a fire hazard by clogging air and heat systems. An overabundance of stuff can block air flow, making your systems work harder and requiring expensive service and repair calls. Daily appliances can suffer from surrounding clutter for the same reason, shortening their life span and increasing utility bills. But a clean and efficient household is a less stressful household. So here are some suggestions for getting there:

1. Declutter with a capital “D.” I know- easier said than done. You don’t have to do it all at once- that just creates more stress. Spend a few minutes each day on a particular area- a drawer, a shelf, a box, and sort the contents into keep, donate/sell and throw away piles. The sorting will get quicker and easier as you go and help create an easily-maintained habit. Eventually, you’ll have a fresh, organized environment that’s a joy for you, your family and friends to spend time in rather than a money pit of broken stuff and delayed service, maintenance and repair calls.

2. Take inventory of large furniture items. Can you extend the life of your sofa with an inexpensive slipcover or a vintage bedspread? Can you make minor alterations like painting or adding a towel rack or hooks to your existing furniture pieces to make them more useful in another room? Think outside the box: we have a sideboard that has served as a desk in our bedroom, an entertainment center in the living room, and a coffee bar in the kitchen, depending on our need at the time. A bookcase stores t-shirts, jeans and shoes in our closet. An antique linen cabinet currently holds baking supplies in our kitchen, and a repainted oak dresser stores DVDs and CDs in our living room. So although we needed different furnishings to suit different uses, we didn’t pay more than a few dollars, if any, in alterations each time to get them.

More of Mishka’s Moneysavers tomorrow!

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