Mishka’s Moneysavers – Part 2

by Frugal Finder

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More in the continuing series of helpful saving and organizing advice from Mishka!

3. Check out your large appliances- can your utility bills benefit from a more energy efficient refrigerator or washing machine? Can you take advantage of rebates or tax credits in your area to replace either? Or are there simple cosmetic touch-ups to make them look like new? Most home centers and hardware stores have inexpensive cans of high-heat appliance paint. Or get creative and prime and paint the front of an older fridge with chalkboard paint to use as your family’s monthly calendar to keep track of everyone’s schedules and appointments. The obvious reminder can save you money if your doctor, dentist or veterinarian has a fee policy for missed appointments.

4. Take stock of small appliances, too. Do you really need and actually use both the toaster and the toaster oven? the blender and the food processor? the hand-held mixer and stand mixer? coffee-maker and coffee press? or do they just take up space on your counters or in your cabinets? If they are in good working order, then sell, trade or barter online through free sites for cash or something you could really use.

5. Remove the clutter from your environment completely- don’t just store it to create more stress later. If you don’t love it or use it, don’t keep it. Even if someone you love gave it to you. If they love you enough to give you a gift, they love you enough to want you to be happy. So be ruthless for your own happiness- create your donate or sell stacks, then donate or sell the stuff. Many donations are tax deductible. Sold items can help pay down high interest credit cards, add cash to your emergency fund or start a savings plan. If something isn’t in good enough condition to donate or sell, throw it away! Why are you letting useless items clutter up your home sanctuary anyway?

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