Mishka’s Moneysavers Part 5

by Frugal Finder

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Here is part 5 of Mishka’s Moneysavers for you to enjoy!

12. Clean vents and replace filters often for better efficiency and utility cost savings. Check furnace and a/c filters, and replace every 3 months or more often if necessary. Clean refrigerator coils and dryer vents on a monthly basis, more often if you have house pets. Again, properly maintaining high cost items extends their lives and your checkbook and can reduce or eliminate repair and service costs.

13. If you have your own washer and dryer, get in the habit of doing one complete load of laundry each day- wash, dry, fold, put away. You won’t be stuck with a stressful, unmanageable pile at the end of every week for a full-day laundry marathon. It’s less stressful on you and your family, and extends the lives of your washer and dryer.

14. Better still, air dry your clothes on a clothes line, drying rack or drying carousel hanging from the shower rod. You can still throw them in the dryer on air fluff when they are only slightly damp to remove lint and wrinkles. You’ll reduce the temperature in your home in the summer, use your dryer less, and extend the life and condition of your clothes.

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