Mishka’s Moneysavers Part 6

by Frugal Finder

15. Can you supplement your heating or a/c efficiency by adding ceiling or wall-mount fans? Sufficient air movement can reduce your reliance on the thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. That lowers utility costs. If you live in a humid climate, an inexpensive dehumidifier can lower interior temps in the summer.

16. The next time you clean or replace window coverings, consider cotton-blend thermal panels. Most discount and even dollar stores sell them very inexpensively. Keep them closed during summer days to help cool your interior and winter nights to insulate from the cold. An added benefit is that they can also be room-darkening. So family movie night at home can become a regular date, saving hundreds a year on theater visits.

17. Check and repair or replace caulking around windows and doors and consider the thin foam insulators for under your outlets and switchplates. Use steel wool to fill small holes under your sinks and around your pipes to block air leaks and rodents.

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