Ideas for Frugal Living

by Frugal Finder

These are difficult times for a lot of people, and the need to live cheaply and save money is stronger now than it has ever been during many of our lifetimes. The whole world has experienced a recession, many companies are cutting jobs to save money and many people have lost their jobs as a result.

First of all, we have to find a way to spend less on the food we eat both at home and outside as meals are a major source of expenditure for many people. We can find ways to save money on the groceries we buy.  One good way is to find discount coupons for groceries at major retailers across the nation. You can also switch to generic groceries which are cheaper than brand-name ones. You should always make a list of needed groceries before you go shopping and do all you can to stick to your list without deviation.

If you are able to afford it, you should also spend a few hundred dollars on a deep freezer that can store a sizable quantity of vegetables, meat, fish and other food items. You can buy these items in bulk when they go on sale and store them up for use over a long period. Even though it may feel like a lot of money initially,  it will help you save lots more in the course of time.

If your family likes to eat out several times in a week, then you should find ways to avoid splashing the cash in restaurants. There are many restaurants, especially popular franchises, that give free food to children several times in the course of the week. It will do your wallet a lot of good if you find out what those “kids eat free nights”  are and only eat there on those nights with your family.  Adults can also just eat appetizers, soups, or salads during those nights, as these types of food are usually full size meals anyway. This will also help adults avoid eating junk food that consists of mostly calories, sodium, and fat. These junk foods cause obesity in a lot of people so this tip will also be a great way to help keep your weight in check.

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