LocalDeal.com -a must visit site!

by Frugal Finder

LocalDeal.com is an extremely handy new deep-discount site, featuring a steady stream of unbeatable local daily deals on vibrant things to do, see, eat, drink and buy at an average of 50% – 80% OFF!  Locally operated, LocalDeal.com primarily promotes local community-based businesses, although occasionally they do feature special treats from further afield, such as weekend getaways, sailing deals, skiing and other fun things to do and see.  The website is a cinch to join with a 2-field registration and a $5 credit simply for signing up.  Their daily deals are impossible to beat, delivered to your email, and purchases are done with just a click on this attractive and easily navigated site.  Visit www.LocalDeal.com to find out when they’re launching in your town.  I am hoping that this company will grow quickly and spread across the country to my area!

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