Moneysaving Tips You Can Actually Use!

by Frugal Finder

A few odds and ends from my moneysaving tips file!

Eliminate unneeded extras on your phone bill. Do you actually use call forwarding and speed dialing? Go over your phone bill and try to eliminate unnecessary extras- remember that it might only be a few dollars extra a month, but there are 12 months in a year. It really adds up, and if you aren’t actually using the service, consider slimming down your package. Same thing with your cable or satellite bill. $10 a month reduction adds up to $120 a year – what could you spend that on as opposed to sending it to the phone company?

Watch out for convenience buys at the convenience store and the drugstore. Yes, it is convenient when I am out and about and want a soda from the convenience store, where it is $1.49 – but I can buy a 6-pack of sodas, in the bottle, identical to those $1.49 ones, for $3 – which is $0.50 each. Add THAT up over a years time, if you just drink even one a day…  ($361.35 savings!) Also watch the goodies next to the registers. Actually look at the prices; most times, it is not cost-effective to do any sort of impulse buying.

Celebrate some of the holidays a day late. What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever noticed that the day after Halloween and Easter and Valentine’s Day you see candy and gifts 50 % – 75 % off just about everywhere? If it isn’t crucial that you celebrate exactly on those calendar dates, celebrate late and save a LOT.

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