Flipz – Cool Auction Site with a Twist!

by Frugal Finder

I found the coolest site today while I was surfing! Flipz is an auction site selling only brand new items, such as iPhone4s, iPods, Wiis, Roombas, and many other hot products. It works by purchasing “flipz” at an extremely affordable price, and each bid will only cost you one flipz. The very last bidder is the one who wins the auction, at a very small percentage of the actual value – meaning whoever that bidder happens to be gets a VERY sweet deal! This site looks like a HUGE amount of fun as well as a great opportunity to get a superb deal! The site is the real deal, and although only for European countries at present, is certain to be a huge hit!! I cannot wait until they open a U.S. branch. Check it out today!

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