A Chance for Romance

by Frugal Finder

Review: www.AChanceforRomance.com – It is not very often that I review a personal blog, but today is a neat exception. I could not help myself, you see, this site is just different. Writer and poet 8DaveWonder has a collection of poems and writings that dive deep into the inner reaches of the mind. Some people across the internet refer to 8DaveWonder as the “New Internet Poet,” and for good reason. His work is becoming more popular and read world wide, and he has a  book out named Romantic Poetry for Everyday Living. While I really enjoy reading, it has been of the technical nature lately. What a nice break from the mundane. 8DaveWonder’s peotry is passionate, emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating. It is rare, at least for me, to really feel the message of what I am reading. The imagery and style just seams to draw me in and make me feel as though I am experiencing the moment. Thanks 8Dave for such realism and capturing the emotion we all seek from our relationships. Go read some of the romance, love and relationships poems at www.AChanceforRomance.com . . .you won’t regret it!

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