Interested in Real Estate Wholesaling?

by Frugal Finder

Review: – I was doing some research today about house flipping and a friend suggested I check out to learn how to flip houses and get started in real estate wholesaling. So, I went to the site and snooped around a little. The best way to describe this site is to imagine you are trying to figure out where to go to dinner and are tired of all the places you normally go. You decide to try an off the beaten path, hole in the wall place for a new experience and hopefully good food. Well, is just that. There really isn’t much to the site but general info, but the meal…I mean book is free and pretty legit. The claim is that the book can teach you how to make loads of cash flipping homes in a risk free manner without the use of your own money or credit. It is an A to Z type of course that helps you get started in real estate wholesaling with the potential to earn $10-20k the first 30 days. Now while I am not the “hood” type of person, I rather enjoyed the style and the course so far is pretty meaty. I am looking forward to the next couple of days so I can learn more about this business, you should check it out, it is free and you have nothing to lose. Head over to

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