Learn French Canadian

by Frugal Finder

Review: learn-canadian-french.language101.com– If you want to visit Quebec you really should learn French since as of the 2006 Canadian census there were 6.7 million native French speakers out of a population of 32 million, so 21.5% of Canadians are native French Speakers. But the Canadian French version of French is quite a bit different in accent and usage from the French spoken in France. That is where learn-canadian-french.language101.com comes in! Their learn Canadian French Online lessons have been completely recorded by French native speakers from Quebec, Canada. They also offer French lessons with the usage and accent from France in case you want to learn French the way it is spoken in Paris. What is really cool is that if you purchase either their learn Canadian French lessons or their French lessons with the educated Paris accent, you will automatically get access to both the Canadian French lessons and the French lessons from France. Visit learn-canadian-french.language101.com today and check out the free trial!

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