Autozon – A GREAT WordPress Plugin!

by Frugal Finder

The guys at have released a great WordPress Amazon Plugin called Autozon. I have installed this on a couple of sites (including this one) and it is a really great little plugin! It is simple to use and finally provides an easy solution for creating blog posts about cool Amazon products. With a few easy to configure settings, you can have products posted to your blog automatically as a blog post! How cool is that? You decide what product types, how often and what category. You can even set it up to post from multiple categories. I highly recommend this plugin, and suggest you check it out at: In full disclosure, I am NOT profiting from their sales. In fact, I liked the plugin so much I thought I would share it with everyone.

This “little” plugin packs a bunch of power for the price, and I have already seen its usefulness. Why not give it a look.

There are other “auto” based WordPress press plugins currently being developed by the guys at fasterblogging to compliment the Autozon WordPress Amazon Plugin. I look forward to checking these out once they are released, as they look like great tools to add to the toolbox. Again, keep your eyes on So simple, so frugal!

I Like This!

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