Snedker and Tømrer

by Frugal Finder

Review: – It is not too often that I will review a foreign site here, but I was urged by a friend to make mention of this one.  According to my Danish friend Gjerta, the ML Woodworking Company (ML Toemrerfirmaet) in Denmark is the bees knees! They completed a project for her that was top notch and she couldn’t be happier. Now, this is really saying something, because Gjerta is a bit of a perfectionist and in many ways is a difficult person to make happy. So, for her to compliment this company, they must be phenomenal. Among their services offered, they specialize in roof, kitchen and bathroom renovation; roof, floor, door and window replacement along with building of fences, garages, carports, sheds and home extensions. Basically, they are all things snedker and tømrer (carpentry and joinery)! So, if you know some Danish folks near Greve in Denmark looking to have some renovations done, recommend these guys.

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