Lillian Glass

by Frugal Finder

I would like to introduce to everyone a person that you may not be aware of, but who has a lifetime dedication to helping people with communication and speech pathology. Lillian Glass,PH.D  life’s calling began at an early age when she realized that she would someday help people properly communicate. The credentials that Lillian Glass has is very impressive, with a doctorate from University of Minnesota, a post graduate degree from the highly regarded UCLA School Of Medicine as well as a professor at University of Southern California. Earning degrees from these upper tier  universities means a lot, but more so is the dedication and tireless work that Dr.Glass does in her private practice in Beverly Hills to help those in need of her expertise and guidance on speech and communication issues. Having coached many A-list movie stars such as Sean Connery from the James Bond movies and the Latin singer and actor Julio Iglesias, the services that are offered is a cosmetic surgery of the voice ,to help people have the ability to speak and communicate in a more precise and understanding way. Lillian Glass is a motivational speaker that will do wonders for anyone that has a need or desire to improve the way that they communicate. If you or someone you know or love struggles with speech or the inability to properly communicate, then I suggest you take a look into the private practice that Lillian Glass operates in Beverly Hills or purchase her highly accredited how to books.

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