Could your office culture cause a law suit?

by Frugal Finder

There are plenty of cases making the headlines these days – workers or former employees suing their employer. Matters go from those that seem inconsequential to major problems and events that imply the workplace culture is out of control. Could your workplace culture result in a law suit in the foreseeable future? Listed below are examples of the practices that seem to be enduring in some workplaces.BullyingIt may start with something as simple as making fun of new employees or apprentices, but in various situations this could grow to be something more dangerous and aggressive, and make work an extremely unpleasant place for the worker being subjected to bullying. Of course, any worker could potentially be subjected to bullying from others who take a dislike to him or her. DiscriminationWhether it’s an old fashioned opinion that a specific job is more suitable for either a male or female, or something more sinister, like denying someone the opportunity for promotion based on a personal loathing for their gender or race (for example), discriminating on certain grounds can leave you open to legal action.Sexual HarassmentSome would say it’s impossible to get rid of the potential for sexual harassment from the office however the point of view of an employer towards this topic (or their apathy) can make it more or less likely to happen.While it’s a good suggestion to have employment practices liability insurance in place, it’s just as important to decrease the chance of these behaviors emerging in your workplace. Firm policy guidelines and employee education are a great starting point.

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