Sing For Hope

by Frugal Finder

Sing For Hope is a project that was developed by two female best friends, Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus. These two women both became fast friends when they were both students at Julliard. These women both have the love of art in common and so they decided to come together with a magical idea of their own, thus opening the business Sing For Hope.

The business is basically known as a resource for various different types of artists to share their gifts with their surrounding community. Volunteers often make themselves available to reach out to others that are inspired to become artists themselves. The people that get involved are young and old in age and there are a large variety of different activities involved in the program.

There are over 1,000 volunteers that work with Sing For Hope and they connect with schools that lack such resources as well as with some health care facilities. By doing this art opportunities can reach out to many people in the communities.

The people that volunteer have a number of different talents and gifts that they are able to share with the world around them, including the less fortunate. People share their gifts of poetry, singing, piano players, and other types of performers.

In some communities you might be lucky enough to see one a Street piano by These pianos are special pianos that have been decorated and painted in a way that cause them to stand out. The reason being is because they are used out in the public; street sidewalks, in the middle of parks, etc. People that have a talent for playing the piano are able to sit and play and entertain the world around them. Not only do they make beautiful music, but also can make people smile just by watching them.

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