Photo Scavengerhunts

by Frugal Finder

As spring comes in and the flowers start to bloom, one of the year’s most popular holidays rolls around: Easter. Hands down, the favorite activity of the season is the Easter egg hunt. That isn’t to say tradition is always the best way to go, though. Instead of having the regular hunt where someone hides the eggs and the kids run in every direction hoping to stumble upon one, try adding a simple twist by incorporating a scavenger hunt at the same time.

Instead of hiding just eggs, hide special prizes (such as a chocolate bunny or other candies) around as well along with a simple clue that points to other special prizes. Clues can be in the form of a riddle, a small drawing to the next clue, or a simple picture.

Easter isn’t the only time for scavenger hunts; with the super saver packs you will receive premade scavenger hunt packs for various holidays and occasions at an amazing 50% discount.

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