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Car accidents generally occur all through the year and is always considered to be dangerous, however as per several accidents happens during spring months as compared to any other month in the year. So, spring month is known to be accident season. While getting the quotes for auto insurance, it was disclosed at in the year 2011, about 30 % of accidents happens in spring months, generally in month of March, April as well as in May.

You are in the seat of driver all year and no one would ever wish to get involved in the car accident, in-spite of any season. However, in any case you get involved then you are aware what should you do in such a condition.

Below mentioned are some tips which will help you to get prepared after the car accident.

 Stay quiet and always keep the safety in your mind.
 Always report to Police if you get caught in any such accident and if anyone gets injured.
 If it is safe to drive the vehicles then move to side of road. If it is not possible then set up the warning signals
 Try to click some photos of accident scene.
 Note the date, time, location of accident with the driver’s name and other details.
 If possible search for the witness.
 Call the insurer immediately as they can assist you with various necessary steps for the claim.
 It is even suggested that as warm weather comes, you must roll down windows of the car, enjoy warm breeze and also remember to drive cautiously. For further details see here.

Survey – Statistics of Canada’s National Collision,

It is even said that the chances of car accidents increases during the winters when the roads are quite slick and when you are driving tricky? However, it is proved that it is just a myth. According to latest survey of the car accident statistics which is obtainable through the database of Canada’s National Collision, the collisions usually happen in the month of August.

It is astonishing!!! It is also proved through this statistics that mainly car accidents happen on Friday which is considered to be the accident-prone day. The safe and secure days with regard to Car accidents are Sunday and Mondays. Moreover the peak hours when mainly car accidents happens between the most rush hours that is mainly by 3 to 6 P.M. Irresistibly, generally collisions happens in Canada on the sunny and clear days followed by cloudy days and on the wet road. It is also researched from these statistics that the car accidents mainly happen when the driving is all alone.

How is the car accident and car insurance related to each other

 How will the car accident affects the car insurance, this will certainly depend on the fact that you were at the fault or not, even if you are partially at fault will also affect your car insurance.
 If you are caught with distracted driving then the Canada Driving law will immediately come into action. So, never get distracted and do cautious and vigilant driving.
 If you fail to maintain the signals then it will be your fault.
 While driving you must maintain the maximum speed and should never cross it.
 Also, you must keep in mind that unsafe changing your lane can also charge you high if any car accident happens while changing the lane.

So, all these things should be kept in mind. For further details you may check out the website.

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