Nellie Lovett

by Frugal Finder

Sofid Hindhammer is the singer of the band Nellie Lovett. This all got started during the year 2010 when Sofia sat down and started to write some songs with Fredrick Jorstadius. They started out with just a few songs and within a short period of time they realized that they had written a whole album worth of songs.
The lyrics were written down to the songs that were first played on the guitar, and then later on more instruments were added; Kevin and Niklas Haggstrom played the drums and the bass. It was then that the newly formed group realized that the songs went smoothly with the instruments that were played, and more songs were written.
Once a full album of songs was written the group later realized that they needed a second guitar player. Oscar Hallberg, a friend of the twins who played the drum and the bass was available to be the second guitarist for the band. This band really rocks with their outstanding vocals as well as the unique sound they have. Be sure to give them a try by visiting their website or facebook page today.

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