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A social blogging site is what describes Heatbud. On the site there are plenty of features that users are able to take advantage of. If you need some help with becoming a better blogger then this is a great site to benefit from. You will notice some of the helpful tip categories on the far left of the page.
Getting a better idea when it comes to blogging is something that will improve your knowledge as well as your experience. There are currently 3 different Top Charts that you can explore from when it comes to the blogs that are offered by Heatbud. You can check out:
Now Trending
Authors are found and listed here depending upon how much heat they have received within a week’s time period. The ones with the most heat will be at the top of the list from the previous 7 days.
All Time
The All Time blogs category is where you will find blogs that are listed according to their Heat Index.
Just Published
If you are looking for the new stuff then you will look under this third chart. These blogs are listed in order from the most current dates and times.
Signing up for Heatbud requires that you are at least 13 years old or older.
Becoming a Writer
Headbud invites you to write on the site if you have a passion for blog writing. There are however some rules that you must follow in order to write for the site. The first thing that you should know is that all of your blog posts belong to you as well as the images of that you post along with them. You reserve all ownership rights of your blog posts. You are also allowed to delete any of your posts at any time if you decide to do so.

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